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Irish Holiday Dialysis

Ireland has many reasons to attract visitors, the hospitality of its people, it’s rich culture and beautiful landscape; now it can also boast high quality healthcare in an authentic Irish setting for those visitors who are dialysis dependant.

For dialysis patients it’s easy to see how the necessity for three weekly sessions adversely impacts on travel plans as destinations are limited to where this life sustaining treatment is available in the hands of trusted healthcare professionals. Until recently it was very difficult to choose Ireland due to lack of capacity in busy hospitals.

Established in 2017, Irish Holiday Dialysis is an ultra-modern dialysis facility inside a traditional 200 year old cottage with countryside views making treatment a pleasant part of an Irish holiday. This is the first such clinic if it’s type in Ireland – dedicated solely to catering for the needs of dialysis holidaymakers. Home cooking is provided and the gardens and cottage interior mean the homely surrounds can be enjoyed by patients and their traveling companions alike.

The clinic is opened all year round and takes a fresh approach to healthcare with treatment times flexible to suit patient needs and to cause as little disruption as possible to a holiday experience.

Located in North Cork the clinic is within striking distance of many quality tourist attractions, a wide range of accommodation and major transport links in the south of Ireland. The town of Killarney is close by and it sits perfectly where Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way meets it’s Ancient East.

Staffed by qualified and experienced nurses there is a high standard of clinical care and with just 2 dialysis stations – a personal service in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Safe and stress-free treatment is guaranteed in a peaceful and idyllic countryside setting – a world away from busy hospitals, as a proper holiday should be.

Irish Holiday Dialysis