Meet the team at the Irish Holiday Dialysis haemodialysis clinic.

Safe and reliable dialysis treatment is delivered by our highly experienced and qualified professional staff. We provide a high level of personal service

Barbara Wallace
Clinical Service Manager

Barbara trained as a renal dialysis nurse in 1998 and has worked at the frontline of patient care in public, private and commercial healthcare settings. She has worked in the UK in both large dialysis units and smaller satellite clinics. Clinical nurse specialist with a major dialysis equipment manufacturer saw her train both home patients and nurses to use dialysis equipment. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge in this specialised field of nursing.

Eileen Phelan
Clinical Service Manager

Eileen is a Renal Dialysis nurse with over 30 years experience within this specialized area. She has successfully managed large haemodialysis units (Brighton and Cork). In 2011 Eileen set up and currently manages the Home Haemodialysis Program for Cork and Kerry. With years of experience setting up Haemodialysis in patients homes, Eileen is uniquely qualified to provide Holiday Haemodialysis from the comfort of her own home, where the clinic is located.

John Wallace
Head of Engineering

John qualified as a dialysis engineer in 2017. He has an extensive background in engineering including the electronics and broadcasting industries where he held senior positions. As head of engineering at Irish Holiday Dialysis he is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all biomedical equipment and also provides IT support to the team

Brian Phelan
Host and Groundsman

Brian is your host, caterer and our groundsman, bringing fresh produce to  the kitchen. With a background in the military and law enforcement, we are all in good hands! Brian also brings an extensive knowledge of literature, local history and country life to his role at Irish Holiday Dialysis.